Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

PlayStation 3



  • Released: Tue Nov 08 2011
  • Added: Sun Sep 05 2021
  • Updated: Mon Feb 20 2023
  • Genres: Strategy, Tactical, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Stealth
  • Companies Involved: Kojima Productions, Armature Studio, Konami, Genki, Bluepoint Games
  • Summary:

    From the critically acclaimed director, Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection offers a handful of the most popular Metal Gear Solid titles from the past in true HD for the first time ever. Featuring three complete games, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the HD Collection offers old and new fans a chance to experience the epic game play, design and storytelling of the MGS franchise. The "Metal Gear Solid (MGS)" series is the seminal work of Hideo Kojima, Japan's master game creator, and the progenitor of the stealth action game genre. The series has become a global phenomenon, with over 27 million copies sold worldwide. The player controls a secret agent from an elite special forces unit who is sent on solo sneaking missions through enemy installations, vast jungles, and sometimes even the thick of battle. Alone and surrounded by the enemy, even a special forces agent will find it tough to come out alive. But that is the secret behind the series' popularity-the cerebral challenge of figuring out how to avoid combat, and the thrill of sneaking through enemy territory undetected.The MGS series is also known for its storyline, which blends seamlessly with the gameplay. The scenarios are based on extensive research and incorporate the drama of actual developments in society. These elements have made MGS what it is today: a mature work of entertainment that transcends national borders and the confines of video games, and one of the leading products of the Japanese content business.

  • Storyline:

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Two years after the events of the Shadow Moses Incident, Solid Snake and Otacon, working as Philanthropy, receive intelligence of a new type of Metal Gear being transported through the Hudson River. As Snake boards the tanker, it's seized by a group of Russian mercenaries led by Revolver Ocelot, intent on stealing the new Metal Gear. Another two years later and the Big Shell, the offshore clean up facility constructed in its place is taken over by a terrorist faction calling themselves the Sons of Liberty. New FOXHOUND operative Raiden is sent in to neutralize the threat. However, all is not as it seems. Metal Gear Solid 3: In 1964, CIA agent Naked Snake is sent to Tselinoyarsk, USSR. Aided by Major Zero, Para-Medic, and his former mentor The Boss, Snake is tasked with rescuing defecting Soviet scientist Sokolov, who is secretly developing a nuclear-equipped tank, the Shagohod. Snake locates and escorts Sokolov, but encounters The Boss, who announces she is defecting to the USSR, and provides her new benefactor, Colonel Volgin, with two Davy Crockett nuclear shells. Sokolov is captured by the Cobra Unit, and Snake is thrown off a bridge by The Boss. Volgin steals the Shagohod and detonates one of the nuclear shells to cover up the theft, which is subsequently blamed on The Boss. The injured Snake is recovered via fulton extraction. Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker: Peace Walker begins on November 4, 1974. Big Boss is running his own mercenary unit in Colombia after leaving the United States following the formation of FOXHOUND at the end of Portable Ops. A mysterious paramilitary group equipped with a startling quantity of quality weapons, called the "Peace Sentinels", has been deployed in Costa Rica. Despite the Sentinels being equipped with firepower equivalent to that of a land army, the Costa Rican government cannot do anything about them because the country's constitution does not allow the creation of an official military. The Sentinels' presence threatens to endanger the balance of power between the East and West.