Rocket Knight Adventures

Sega Genesis



  • Released: Fri Aug 06 1993
  • Added: Fri Sep 03 2021
  • Updated: Mon Feb 20 2023
  • Genres: Shooter, Platform
  • Themes: Action, Comedy, Kids
  • Companies Involved: Konami
  • Summary:

    He's courageous! He's clever! He's one good lookin' opossum. It's Sparkster the Rocket Knight, the heroic jet pack jockey with warp speed, quick wits and pumped up personality. After all, who else do you know can get a grip with his tail? Rocket through 7 epic stages of animalistic adventure, home of the hugest, strangest enemy pig creatures imaginable. (In fact, your mission is crammed with more ham than a Hollywood premier.) Destroy the Emperor who's on a porcine power trip that will take him to the Key to the Pig Star. In every stage you'll be moving, flying and riding in a new direction to escape opossum punishment. You're the thrust-meister controlling Sparkster's jet pack and his assault sword. Confront mechanized menaces like the Giant Pigbot, the Drill Of A Lifetime, and the snappy Crab Rangoon. Things take a turn for the worst in the room of rotating gravity where Axle Gear, the Black Knights awaits you. And you've never seen anything like the unreal mirrored lava pools where things will reflect badly on you. The tricks, the traps and challenges never end. But the world as you know it will if you don't grind those pigs for sausage.

  • Storyline:

    The first King El Zebulos repelled some invaders in a powerful ship called the Pig Star and was made ruler of the land. Knowing the Pig Star had the power to destroy entire worlds, El Zebulos had it placed under a magic seal for safekeeping. The "Key to the Seal" would be guarded and passed down by El Zebulos, and his Royal Family. Generations into the future, the kingdom has been subject to attack by neighboring countries which wanted control of The Pig Star. To protect the kingdom of Zebulos, an elite group of warriors known as the Rocket Knights were formed. These Warriors wore armor with Rocket Packs, wielded mystical swords, and harnessed awesome combat skills. Around this time, an orphan named Sparkster was taken in by Mifune Sanjulo; a friend of the King, and current leader of the Rocket Knights. Sparkster was trained to become a Rocket Knight at an early age. Later on, a corrupt Rocket Knight by the name of Axel Gear fought and wounded Mifune as he tried to steal an ancient book, which contained the secrets of the rocket knights. Sparkster was appointed the new Rocket Knight leader and spent 10 years posing as an outlaw as he searched for Axel Gear, only to return to Zebulos and hear rumors about Axel Gear's return. By now the Kingdom is under attack by the Devotindos Empire led by Emperor Devligus Devotindos; who is said to have the power of hypnosis. Sparkster finds that Axel Gear has kidnapped Princess Sherry in attempt to blackmail the king into surrendering The "Key to the Seal". However it just so happens that the Princess is the only one who knows of its location. Sparkster rushes through jungles, caves, and even into Devotindos territory to save the princess.