D:OS2 Playthrough (Part 1)

Game: Divinity: Original Sin 2
Published on Thu Jan 26 2023

I typically avoid adding digital games to my collection tracker since they're not really part of a "collection" in the traditional sense, per se. However, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has me reconsidering this practice; it's not the first digital title here on the site, but I think it might be the best thus far, and having put 70 hours into it in the last week and a half I felt it deserved a spot on here.

For a "part 1" of a playthrough game log, 70 hours in has the potential to go quite long if I were to list out everything I've done. I intend to keep it short and sweet here, firstly to avoid spoilers, and secondly so I can get back to playing! I really love this game. Growing up playing Baldur's Gate and similar titles, playing this has been both a hit of nostalgia and a whole new experience. The storytelling, the atmosphere, the characters, humor, everything honestly...

Go play this game!