Dead Space Remake Playthrough (Part 1)

Game: Dead Space
Published on Mon Feb 06 2023

I was telling my wife last night as she sat after dinner watching me play Dead Space on the PS5: "Dead Space is easily one of the best video games ever, period". With that in mind, this remake has elevated it, and made me excited at the prospect of them also remaking the sequel (can do with or without a Dead Space 3 remake...). I can't really see me popping in the PS3 disc again in the future now that this version exists and that's said with nothing but love and praise for the original game.

If I was to be critical of the game I've played thus far (about halfway through at time of writing), the sound design of the enemies could use a slight bit of tweaking. Dead Space has a tendency of dropping enemies both in front and behind you at the same time, and the enemies behind you can be difficult to detect via audio (grunts, growls, screams) since they're actually relatively silent. It could be argued that they're attempting to be stealthy and fair enough, though they clearly are closer to the lumbering braindead zombie type of enemy so stealth isn't something really quite so expected. Plus side, it's been a source of at least a few "OH SHIT!" freak out moments where an enemy I didn't know existed was suddenly hugging me from behind.

Also the sections without gravity can be difficult to navigate at times, especially with enemies being difficult to see. But it's a scary space game, who am I to complain?