Dead Space Remake Playthrough (Part 2 - End)

Game: Dead Space
Published on Thu Feb 09 2023

I've finished up the Dead Space remake and as is tradition, started up a playthrough of New Game+. I won't bother writing further posts relating to that run as it's just playing on a harder difficulty with all of my unlocks preserved, suffice it to say that it's such an enjoyable experience that I don't want it to be over quite yet.

A remake in my mind takes the source material and elevates it. A graphical overhaul, maybe some extra details here and there. Dead Space does a phenomenal job of this, on par with the Shadow of the Colossus remake; it truly takes the original game and presents it in its entirety without drastic change, makes it looks modern and beautiful (gory!), and adds on a few side missions and quality of life updates. The side missions add to the story without retconning anything, and only one thing really was changed to a great degree - Isaac Clarke has a voice this time around!

When Dead Space 2 was announced to have a voice for the protagonist Isaac, many were worried it would not be great; the first Dead Space had a silent protagonist. But DS2 proved Isaac to be even more memorable than the first time around. The remake once again elevates this by many factors - the voice work is superb, Isaacs extra face time compared to the original is welcome, and nothing about it felt "off" at all. It was so natural that I was second-guessing the fact that the original did have a silent protagonist (it did!). Go back and watch the first ten minutes of both versions of the game for all you need to know; the original was no slouch at all, but the addition of a voice for Isaac is honestly a huge improvement.

This is the best version of one of the best games of all time, and I'll be replaying it many times I'm sure.