Dino Crisis Playthrough (Part 2)

Game: Dino Crisis
Published on Mon Sep 06 2021

So it turns out I missed something vital. Cost me a fair bit of time revisiting rooms, but I landed back in a room with a dead guy I was supposed to come back to when I obtained a pair of keys and used them on a hidden wall safe. Doing so started a quick little fight with a T-rex, though it was quite easy. A few shotgun shells and he ran off.

Shortly after that I came across some pteranodons which were pretty easy to dodge, so no big deal.

Another two T-Rex fights as I progressed through, the latter of which was in an open space after the jerk took down my helicopter escape.

Shortly after THAT I came across what is easily the toughest enemy so far; I'm not sure what they're called but they have two claws on each hand and every step they take is thunderous. Very intimidating.

I like the puzzles well enough in the game so far. Nothing too crazy or obtuse, lots of word puzzles. Typical Resident Evil style jumping through hoops to get a key to open a door kinda stuff in general. Pretty fun.

I can probably finish the rest of the game off if I sit down and focus on it, based on the time to beat estimates online. I usually check out the howlongtobeat website before playing a game to get an idea of what I'm in for. I might stop doing that though as if they say "this is an 8 hour game" and I'm at what seems to be the end, I'll likely see a twist coming (as happened with the helicopter, as obvious as that was).