Dino Crisis Playthrough (Part 3 - End)

Game: Dino Crisis
Published on Tue Sep 07 2021

So spoiler alert... the dinos were "because time travel". I mean, makes sense I suppose - they were fiddling with some "Third Energy Source"; turns out it created pockets in the space time continuum and dragged dinosaurs here. Good times.

I was perhaps a bit too squirrely with my ammunition and healing items throughout the game. I had enough healing items by the end to start up my own hospital. The handgun was basically useless unless I managed to trap a dinosaur behind a laser wall, in which case I could whittle their health down slowly, but with absolutely no stopping power it was not a weapon I was able to really make much use of.

The shotgun ends up being the hero, and sensibly so, I suppose. It is able to shoot anesthetic or even lethal darts, both of which will knock out any dinosaur if not permanently at least long enough to quickly explore a room and then move on. Nearer to the end of the game I was tasked with turning on a generator and I chose the "shoot my way through" route, and I literally just one-shot killed every dino in my path with lethal darts I had saved up throughout the game. I had so many supplies in storage containers that I could easily have held off a small horde of velociraptors.

I had a fun enough time with the game, though I'll admit I found it a bit too easy. It's difficult not to compare to Resident Evil 2 and it falls a bit flat in that regard. The final battle against the T-Rex went far too easily and quickly, only taking 3 shots from my grenade launcher (maybe because I was using "Heat" ammo?).

After finishing up I took a look at whether there were alternate endings and sure enough there were, though they seem to be based on just what you do at the end of the game rather than the choices along the way. I unlocked some extra outfits for if I replay the game, but I'm not sure if it has a harder difficulty unlocked now or not. I look to have unlocked "Army" and "Battle" costumes, and there's a still locked "Ancient" costume. If I had to guess (having not checked the internet on this part) it'll probably be a "Jane of the Jungle" style outfit. I like surprises so maybe I'll replay one day to see.

Purely by chance I got the "secret" ending by stumbling upon a helicopter before chasing down Kirk with Gail; I was just trying to check out all the extra nooks and crannies, but it seems that doing so ended up saving both Gail and Kirk, which otherwise wouldn't have happened (apparently). So that's nice.

At any rate, that's that! Game beaten! I'll have to play the sequel to see if it improves on the formula.