Extermination Playthrough (Part 1)

Game: Extermination
Published on Mon Sep 13 2021

An early title for the PS2, a horror game, and despite both one I've not played before. I booted it up once long ago but something tore me away and I just never put it in the PS2 again. Well here I am in an attempt to right that wrong.

I've put an hour and a half into the game so far and it's definitely a bit like Resident Evil in its approach, though not its controls. The lack of camera control is the first thing that jumped out at me in the game, well before any jump scares (of which there have actually been none) - it's incredibly onerous to look around and get one's bearings.

Also the main protagonist's voice actor is... not very good. The character Cindy who you meet early on does a pretty good job, but Dennis (the protag) is a walking cardboard box, just a big ol' bland cube with nothing inside.

It's pretty enjoyable regardless so far though, I'll probably blast through it pretty quick.