Final Fantasy Legend II Playthrough (Part 1)

Game: Final Fantasy Legend II
Published on Mon Feb 21 2022

Final Fantasy Legend II, or SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu in Japan (not really a Final Fantasy game!) is totally a Final Fantasy game as far as little me was concerned. I loved FF growing up and this game held a special place for me, it was a constant companion on my Game Boy (along with Final Fantasy Adventure, which I never got very far in). Car trips and hospital stays as a kid were more made bearable with this tiny world in my (Game Boy) Pocket.

Cliche remarks aside, I really do have a soft spot for this game, despite having never actually gotten all the way to the end before. I always get held up at a specific boss fight near the end of the game. I THINK I may have come close a few times, but close doesn't matter in a turn-based RPG - you beat em or you don't. I've never followed any sort of guide so I truly do not know how close or far from beating that boss I may have been.

Now, older and perhaps a bit wiser, I've decided to give the game another go with the hope of beating it at last. I've put together my team of 2 Robots, a Mutant, and a Monster (Baby Dragon), and we've set off. So far I've cleared the first 2 worlds with ease, as is the custom with Robots in your party in this game. They're heavily item dependent for their stats, but they pack a huge punch if you stack them full of the good stuff without any need for grinding (aside from for money). I always loved the concept of eating enemy meat to transform your Monster characters, and I think a Mutant will do me well as a magic user, especially as a healer and AOE damage character.

I'm having a good time with it, as ever. I'll probably hold off on updating on this playthrough further until I come up to that difficulty spike boss again, or otherwise anything interesting happens.