Life is Strange True Colors Review

Game: Life is Strange: True Colors
Published on Wed Jun 15 2022

True Colors is a game about emotion, and in that regard I felt it did quite well. I've told a number of people during my playthrough that it had me looking up homes in the Colorado mountains where the game is set.

For the first four of the total five chapters the game builds atmosphere and really makes you love the small community you find yourself in as Alex Chen. During those chapters you sleuth around relatively casually working to solve a mystery with deep ties to Alex's personal life, and the ending of the fourth chapter takes a very sharp turn into the very serious with regard to that mystery.

It was a fairly short outing made slightly longer by the unskippable cutscenes and my tendency to try things twice (sometimes by mistake). But I don't think it was too short nor did it overstay its welcome. I had just enough time to really grow to love the characters and pine for that sense of community.

Oh and I got the high score on the Arkanoid arcade machine you can play in the bar, ~440k points from beating the game. :P