PoP: Sands of Time Playthrough (Part 3 - End)

Game: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Published on Sun Sep 12 2021

Well, I've beaten the game.

It honestly got pretty dull around the 50% mark, never really gaining in combat challenge, nor puzzle/platforming difficulty. The story really didn't pick up at all until the last 10% or so either, so it was really a bit of a slog getting through the last 4 or so hours of gameplay.

Unfortunately the final boss was also incredibly easy and the story payoff wasn't very engaging. I laughed a bit in the last 30 seconds or so but that's about as much engagement as I was really able to pull out of it in the end.

All that negativity aside, I do look forward to the other games in the series, as I'm sure they improved on the formula, and hopefully took some cues from other games in the same vein, at least story-wise. I like the theme and would like to see more of it.