Revisiting Mario Galaxy

Game: Super Mario Galaxy
Published on Mon Jan 09 2023

I must have been feeling a very specific gaming itch last night, as I somehow found myself plugging my Wii U into the CRT in my bedroom late at night for a 1am gaming session. I have a little 10" JVC which I typically play NES up to PS2 games on, and a while back I got an HDMI down-converter, wondering if I could plug in my PS4 to play some Arcade Archives games. Turns out I couldn't, and that was the end of that.

Anyway, the Wii U is plugged in and works a treat now, so I looked at my small Wii/U library and grabbed a few games I've never actually played in earnest before, one of them being Super Mario Galaxy. I've never beaten Galaxy before, the farthest I've gotten is 11 stars in total. The primary reason being that every time I pick it up I end up getting really bad motion sickness (VR games tend to do this to me as well). Galaxy has a terrible habit of flipping the view upside down for really no good reason at all, and I think paired with my really big TV in the living room with the low resolution of the game it just never meshed well for me.

So I'm giving it another go. If I don't post a follow-up to this, fair chance I ended up sick and put it down again. I really want to play through it though since it gets so much praise. Here's hoping!