The Quarry Playthrough (Part 1)

Game: The Quarry
Published on Sat Feb 11 2023

Campy. Campy spooky campy JUMP SCARE! Why's their face look like that? Uncanny valley... AHHH! The Quarry, coming to a theatre near you.

No, but it's pretty decent so far. In terms of narrative movie-esque walking simulator games with a bit of QTEs and "combat" laced in here and there, I feel like The Quarry does a good job of invoking that Friday the 13th vibe that it so clearly takes inspiration from. The characters are not grating, though as I mention above their faces can move into the uncanny valley quite often (some more than others), and I enjoy their interactions.

It's pretty typical fair in terms of teenage camp counsellors (literally) being stuck in the woods with spooky killers on the loose. I've finished the prologue and chapters 1-3 in one 5 hour sitting, and planning to sit back down with it to bang it out in one or two more goes. I appreciate the "choices", but I'll keep "choices" in quotes until I get a second playthrough in to see if they truly matter. There's clearly QTE events and the like which will determine a character's fate (oh no I tripped!), but I'm curious to see whether for instance choosing to truth or dare kiss one person or the other will get one of them killed later in the game somehow.