Darkwing Duck

Nintendo Entertainment System


  • Requirements for Completion: Beat the game without dying.
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  • Released: Mon Jun 01 1992
  • Added: Fri Sep 03 2021
  • Updated: Sun Mar 26 2023
  • Genres: Platform, Puzzle
  • Themes: Action, Comedy
  • Companies Involved: Capcom
  • Summary:

    Darkwing Duck is a platformer video game based on the Disney television series, Darkwing Duck. The game was developed by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992 and was ported to the Game Boy in 1993. The Game Boy version is essentially a slightly stripped-down version of the game. The game was re-released in 2017 as part of the Disney Afternoon Collection.

  • Storyline:

    The kingpins of crime are at it again! The mysterious criminal organization F.O.W.L. has hatched a plan to take control of the peaceful city of St. Canard. Six of their most heinous henchmen are running rampant through the city and only the daring Darkwing Duck can bring them to justice. Join Darkwing as he explores the woods to weed out Bushroot's evil plan. Search the warehouses along the wharf for Mega Volt and pull the plug on an electrifying scheme. Track down all six of F.O.W.L.'s crafty criminals and then prepare yourself as Darkwing squares off against the sinister Steelbeak in his fiendish floating fortress!